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Cyber Security Awareness

It is critically important to verify messages and communication received when in a real estate transaction. Always verify wiring instructions over the telephone with your original title agents contact information. It is VERY RARE for wire transfer instructions to change once given.

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Resources for Your Agency

Wire Fraud Rack Card

Help spread the message of verify, verify, verify by ordering your personalized Wire Fraud Rack Card today through ALTAPrints. Or download and use this FLTA one through your local printer (4.5" x 11").

Fraud Notification Procedures (Updated 2023)

In the case of a breach, be prepared with a shortcut to these 9 steps of Fraud Notification Procedures. Download a copy for your team today.


Create YOUR Rapid Response Plan

Once you have enacted your Fraud Notification Procedures, you will want to log your communications and effort for record keeping. You may use FLTA's Rapid Response Worksheet to accomplish this.


Where to report links:

Field Offices | United States Secret Service


Every other month the Cyber Security Committee will host a 30-minute topical conversation with Q and A.

Go ahead, catch a replay here:


5.1.24 - ALTA Best Practices Pillar 3


8.23.23 - AI, ChatGPT and Cyberfraud

7.19.23 - Payoff Fraud


12.8.22 - Cyber Security Trends

09.12.22 - National Cyber Security Alliance

08.15.22 - Cyber Bytes Newscast

06.07.22 - Cyber Claims and How Agencies are Impacted by Not Having Cyber Coverage

03.24.22 - The Vulnerability-Danger of Smart Devices


02.04.21 - Insurance Ins and Outs

04.08.21 - Negotiating Cyber Coverage and E&O Coverage

06.03.21 - Human Firewall: Human Dimension in Security

08.12.21 - Tips to give your Realtor: Personal, Web and Mobile Security, Wiring Practices, Ransomware

10.07.21 - Hiring Internal IT Security Team or Outsource?

12.07.21 - Data Privacy Issues vs. Data Security


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