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Cyber Fit New Year’s Resolutions – Six Quick Tips

01/12/2021 5:07 PM | Scott Merritt (Administrator)

Cyber threats are likely to increase and evolve throughout 2021, so start exercising your muscles and get started on your CYBER SECURITY NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS before it’s too late!

1.   Update Your Passwords. Passwords that are too obvious make it easy for hackers to access your personal data, which could result in blackmail or identity theft. 
  • Resist the urge to use the same password on numerous sites. 
  • Consider using a passphrase instead of a password – using letters, Capitalization and special characters.
2.   Avoid Over Sharing. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Zoom are not always secure forums, so thinking before you post or go live is essential.
  • Enable privacy settings to restrict access to personal information.
  • Pay special attention to what is in the background in posts and videos
3.   Take Extra Care with Emails and Texts.  Spoofing is one of the easiest ways fraudsters gain access to information.
  • Never click a link or open attachments in unsolicited emails and texts.
  • Verify emails and texts are legitimate by calling sender using verified phone number.
4.   Avoid Public Wi-Fi.  Public Wi-Fi is a shared service and is not as secure as your home network. Avoid performing sensitive activities while on Public Wi-Fi (e.g., mobile banking).
  • Consider using VPN for remote work.
  • Consider using a separate Wi-Fi network for remote work.
  • Wi-Fi networks should be password protected.
5.   Incident Response Plan.  Having a plan in place in case of a breach is essential.
  • Create a checklist with steps to take if a breach occurs. Please visit FLTA - Cyber Security and download our Rapid Response plan.
  • Create a “Call Tree” of contacts when a breach or emergency occurs. Test monthly or quarterly.
  • Document and preserve all information from breach.
6.   Data protection and Systems.  Like a security system; invest in it up front and you will be more secure.
  • Dual control (no one should have complete authority of systems)
  • Two step authentications
  • Keep tokens (and passwords for same) in a safe place.
  • Have a secure backup system.
  • Invest in an IT expert that you can reach out to for reference.
  • Have system in place for retaining secure information.
  • Lock computers when not in use.

Make sure you incorporate CYBER SECURITY into your daily workout in 2021 and stay one step ahead of cybercrime with the tips listed above!

**The Cyber Security Committee meets on the first Wednesday of the month and is open to all members. Email Jena Daly if you would like to participate.**

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