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Arm Your Association!
Have You Experienced Problems In Your Attempts to Receive 
Estoppel Certificates from Homeowners and Condominium Associations?
We Need Your Help NOW!  
Send Your "Top 3" Examples For Each Abuse Listed Below To alex@flta.org!  

Have you been charged abusively high fees of $500 or more for estoppel certificates?                                                     

Have you received estoppel certificates with information that was valid for only an unreasonably short period of time, such as two weeks -- or two days!?!?!?!     

After you have placed an order, have you had to fight to receive estoppel certificates in a timely manner?

Have you received notifications warning you that, once orders for certificates have been placed, refunds WILL NOT be issued for closings that do not occur?

On average, per month, how much money do you lose due to being forced to pay "up front" for estoppel certificates for closings that do not occur?

In response to abuses related to estoppel certificates for real property in certain HOAs and COAs, Representative John Wood, Chair of House Banking and Insurance, and Senator Kelli Stargel, Chair of Senate Higher Education, have filed HB611 and SB736.  These bills reduce the time by which associations must deliver the certificate, modify remedies for the failure to respond timely to requests, set caps on fees, and prohibit the forced advance collection of the fees in purchase refinance transactions.   

These bills fix problems.  They are good for consumers, settlement agents and Florida's real estate economy.  Unfortunately, some in Florida are extremely content with the "way things are", and they are already at work trying to keep it that way. 

YOU CAN HELP!!!   SEND YOUR "TOP 3" EXAMPLES (after removing client information) to alex@flta.org!       

We need to show legislators examples of abuses related to estoppel certificates which significantly harm Florida real estate transactions and cost Florida small businesses and consumers thousands of dollars every month!                                                                                                                                               

Please act today and send documentation of your "top 3"  above listed unreasonable and excessive estoppel related actions of HOAs and COAs to alex@flta.org

Thank you for your assistance!  YOU make it possible for FLTA to continue to fight for Florida's title insurance industry!


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CLC/CLS testing materials  are now ready! 

The application deadline is 4/17/15. Visit our CLT page for more information.


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